Chen Sheng jia
So fresh for the fish and really good ramen and luckily have a5 wargu beef and fresh water eel and beef tongue and so good blue fin tuna from Japan and toro sashimi plater was so great and fresh oyster was so good
Sophia Un
So excited to try a new sushi restaurant in town. It’s across from the new international market in Mesa. The high quality of the fish, the Japanese skewers are very good. My favorite is the beef tongue and the oyster. We sat at the sushi counter, server and the chef are both very nice, great recommendations! Highly recommended
Christopher Magpayo
Overall, I had a great experience, and would definitely recommend this place to anyone looking for good Japanese cuisine restaurant. (Especially if you love good sushi and appreciate the different types of fish that are hard to find in AZ). I was lucky enough to speak with the owner during my visit. Anyone could tell how much care he put into properly storing, prepping, and even cutting all the fish for an amazing and more authentic sushi eating experience. For the breakdown, I had dinner here, and ordered the following: Agedashi Sea Bass - Imagine the delicious agedashi broth, but now with a nice pairing of lightly breaded and tender Sea Bass. The two worked amazing together and is something that I don't see too often Grilled Beef Tongue - Properly grilled and lightly seasoned. Has all the amazing textures and meat flavors as expected (One of my favs) Chef's choice sushi and sashimi - Clearly the star of the show. This dish was served in two courses, as seen in the pics. So many fish to share, but my favorite 2 fish from these were the Baby Red Snapper (subtly sweet with a tender texture) and O-toro sashimi (fatty tuna belly full of flavor that just melts in your mouth) Uni Nigiri - The sea urchin tasted fresh and was as amazing as it looked. It was served with the right ratio of rice to Uni for proper mixture in your mouth. You can taste the uni slightly sweet with a hint of soy sauce blend with the bed of sushi rice as it mixes and melts in your mouth. 👌 From my experience here I will definitely be going again and hope anyone seeing this will also consider trying it out.
B Me
Really delicious food. Taiwanese beef steak was tender and seafood was buttery. Tamago was above average. Had calamari and love how it was not chewy and well side seasoned with like a sea salt wasabi. Be patient, found out they're fairly new. More to try.
Amazing food with a great experience, Shung is a phenomenal chef and a treat to talk to. Clearly loves his work and is very passionate. Yes it is pricey, but the quality is unmatched. Well worth it. He prepared the fish fresh and the taste says it all. I would go again if I ever come back to this area.
Kara Chaddock
Incredibly fresh seafood and amazing service! The chef’s choice sashimi was incredible and hands down the best presentation and taste. We also tried the tempura, gyoza, and orange shrimp which were all delicious. We will definitely be back!!
Ran Wu
Very authentic Japanese food. Super yummy!